Footvax vaccine

Herd of sheepSheep lameness, in particular footrot, is undoubtedly one of the most important health and welfare issues facing the UK sheep farmer. Poorly controlled, sheep lameness causes visible pain, reduces performance and costs the sheep industry millions of pounds in terms of labour, treatments and premature culling.

The five-point plan is a long-term management programme designed to reduce lameness in your flock. By implementing the five points in conjunction with each other, the incidence of sheep lameness can be reduced below 2% by the end of the third year of implementation.

You need to make a commitment to reducing lameness at the start, but by following this approach, you should have to do less and less as lameness improves.

Five-point plan for managing footrot

  1. Vaccinate animals to stimulate immunity
  2. Cull badly or repeatedly affected animals
  3. Quarantine incoming animals
  4. Treat clinical cases early
  5. Avoid spreading infection at gathering and handling

Please note, we do not keep this vaccine in stock – please order it using our online form.

This information was taken from our January 2020 newsletter, which also includes information on the Rotavec Corona Vaccine.

Footvax vaccine can be detrimental to a herd of sheep. Here we cover the main risks involved and give you a long term five point programme to help prevent the disease.

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